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CA Housing Market Overheating?

Southern California home prices increased more than 28% compared to a year ago this time. The dramatic 28% plus jump was greater than any year-over-year increase during the housing boom and the most since January 1989. California’s median home price reached $400,000…$119,000 more than a year earlier, the highest dollar amount in more than five years. There are signs the fast pace of rising home prices won’t continue as mortgage ...

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Mortgage Rates ↓ Stocks, & Housing

There are two things we tend to buy less of when the price goes down….do you know what?

Most of us like a bargain when we go shopping and feel much better buying things when they are 10%-20% off or “Buy one get one free or at half off.” But, there are two things that always buck this trend of buying when prices go down. What’s even crazier is that, with ...

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