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Home Buyer Tax Credit Expands…..

Great News! The first time homebuyer program ($8000 tax credit) has been extended until June 2010, and this time it is not only for first time homebuyers anymore…YOU MAY ALSO QUALIFY. Highlighted below are the important points to consider.


  • You are no longer locked out because you earn too much, now you can qualify for the entire $8000 credit if…
  • Single income of $125,000 and married income of $225,000
  • Those who ...

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The First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit Expires in 90 short days… What does that mean to you?

The first time home-buyer tax credit expires in 90 days…it seems like you have a lot of time to find a house, get a mortgage and close, right? Think about how rapidly the rest of this year flew by…90 days is less than the blink of an eye.

What is the plan? First you have to get the money. That’s right, lets not even think about home shopping until you know what ...

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