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Three Reasons to Refinance Now

If you are on the fence about refinancing, below are three good reasons you should consider:

Home Values:
Median values in California have increased rapidly this past year. The median home price of a Southern California home in May of 2012 was $280,000 but by May of 2013 it had increased to $368,000, a jump of 24%. Over the past year, about 2 million homeowners ...

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Is Now The Right Time?

To refinance or not to refinance? To buy or not to buy? These are two key questions everyone is asking these days. The answer is clearer today than 4 months ago when interest rates reached historic lows. when the federal reserve rolled out a plan to infuse $600B into the credit markets industry experts figured rates were likely to decline further, but with the Economy showing signs of strengthening and job ...

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How Low Can Rates Go?

If you are in the market to buy a new home or refinance your current mortgage, you probably have noticed interest rates dropping considerably over the past week.  Many expected rates to increase after the Federal Reserve stopped purchasing mortgage backed securities (MBS) at the end of March, but recent global events have played a heavy role in driving mortgage interest rates down temporarily.

These economic conditions can change in ...

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