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Mortgage rates on the move again?

Is political unrest good for rates? The short answer is yes… In times of financial or political unrest, investors tend to move their money from the more volatile risky investments (stocks) to more stable investments such as bonds. A flood of investments into bonds will drive down the yield and mortgage rates tend to move in-step with bond yields. We know emotional investors’ flight-to-safety, will just as quickly move back ...

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Mortgage Rates (11/06/2010) and more….

You may be wondering – I just refinanced last year and my current rate is above 5%, does it make sense for me to refinance again?  I know a lower rate will give me a lower payment, but I’m not sure if it’s worth refinancing my mortgage again? Let’s talk numbers so you can make an educated decision…

For example purposes, let’s say you have a $250,000 balance on your loan ...

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How Low Can Rates Go?

If you are in the market to buy a new home or refinance your current mortgage, you probably have noticed interest rates dropping considerably over the past week.  Many expected rates to increase after the Federal Reserve stopped purchasing mortgage backed securities (MBS) at the end of March, but recent global events have played a heavy role in driving mortgage interest rates down temporarily.

These economic conditions can change in ...

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Lock in the 10% Discount on the Home You Want to Own Today.

Jason is purchasing a new home for $200,000. Jason is using an FHA loan to buy the home, and is putting down the minimum 3.5%. He is getting an interest rate at 5.5%*. Jason’s monthly payment, excluding taxes, insurance, and MI would be $1,115.70. That is a good payment, and manageable for most people.

Let’s say that Jason waited until early next year to make that purchase. If interest rates edge ...

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