Three Reasons to Refinance Now

If you are on the fence about refinancing, below are three good reasons you should consider:

Home Values:
Median values in California have increased rapidly this past year. The median home price of a Southern California home in May of 2012 was $280,000 but by May of 2013 it had increased to $368,000, a jump of 24%. Over the past year, about 2 million homeowners ...

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Market & Product Update (March 07, 2013)

The US housing market is in the midst of a robust recovery aided by low interest rates, pent up demand, an increase in cash buyers, low inventory and rising prices. It’s the perfect combination of factors we haven’t seen in a very long time. Home prices are up 14% in California and many areas are experiencing inventory drops of 50 to 70 percent. To compete in ...

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Everybody Loves These Loan Programs

We wish everyone a happy and properous 2013. As we approach spring home buying season and interest rates continue to trend higher, the following programs may be beneficial to you or your friends & family. Some of these programs were specifically designed for those who don’t have 20% down for purchasing a house, currently own a house or investment property that you want to refinance but don’t have enough ...

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Historic Housing Market and Mortgage Rates

Clearly the housing market is turning around as prospective homebuyers are taking advantage of close to record-low mortgage rates and lower home prices, encouraging signs the industry is healing after a multiyear slump. Solid gains in employment, easier access to credit and a reduction in foreclosures will be key to boosting the rebound allowing housing to become a major contributor to economic growth. The median price of an existing home ...

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Refinance Program HARP 3.0?

The buzz on Capitol Hill is that Congress is considering a bill dubbed “Responsible Homeowner Refinancing Act of 2012” – HARP 3.0. The bill is designed to streamline the refinancing process for underwater homeowners on mortgages held by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. HARP 3.0 may never pass but at least “faster and less expensive” refinances for stressed homeowners are still on the radar ...

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